um, wh-whats it feel like having no legs?

It makes counting to four a bit of an ordeal.

wanna clang?


Phiff…  fine,  I’ll go bust out Mr Black and Decker and the turtlewax and I won’t even think about your ass for like a week buster. 

heh,   and people thought the thing on my chest was a plug in.    ho ho..

heh,   and people thought the thing on my chest was a plug in.    ho ho..



I-I-I…U-Um…! I-It’s nice to s-see you again, your majesty!

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listen i haven’t had crystals in a long time so i’m kind of fuzzy on the whole ‘can i eat crystal ponies’ thing okay

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There might actually not be a limit to how many times we can hear this song.

I think it's time to admit my kinky love for Cytwex.

A commission for Blake Rains, who made an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I had way to much fun drawing this.   I’m half way to buying my new tablet btw~

Oh we can’t have this with out some of this *link*

((You misspelled lodge.))

Don’t look at me, the doctor wrote it. Take it up with doctor Peter Dragwhatever. 


Hoity Toity (Jay): Anyone who doesn’t answer the call is a doodoobutter

Cytwex: I cant, I havea  dick in my mouth.  Will have to raincheck

Hoity Toity (Jay): I’ll accept that but you’ll need a doctor’s note

Hoity Toity (Jay): Else the faculty won’t let you out on leave


Hoity Toity (Jay): You’re excused.

Cytwex: Thank you, sir.